Colour Camera 24/7

What sorcery is this?

Why settle for ‘Black & White’ at night when you can have Colour24/7


The full-colour starlight 5Mp HD camera presents a high-quality colour image with rich details even in total darkness. It adopts two powerful warm white LED illuminators, covering an effective range up to 40m (131.23 ft). The LEDs switch on automatically in darkness to capture detail-packed full-colour images 24/7, ensuring effective identification of objects.

Full-colour Starlight

The camera adopts F1.2 large aperture lens and a 1/2.7″ high performance sensor. With higher amount of absorbed light and advanced image processing algorithm, the camera presents an impressive lowlight performance with an exceptional balance between noise reduction and the blur of moving objects.

Warm Supplemental lights

With two warm supplemental LED lights, the camera is able to provide a colourful and vivid image even in total dark. By default, the camera is set to smart light mode, in which the camera can automatically adjust the exposure time and light sensitivity simultaneously to avoid overexposure of the objects in the image centre. Also, the sensitivity and intensity of the LED lights can be remotely controlled by the OSD menu.

White Light! (please read)

These cameras are designed to produce colour images, especially during low light conditions. To achieve this, they may need support from the built in LEDs.

These LEDs are generally automatically operated by a type of dusk to dawn sensor. However, they can be set to permanently on or off.

The light sensor sensitivity can be adjusted (1-5) which would define how dark/light it is before the LEDs are turned on.

Likewise, the LEDs brightness can also be programmed, again 1-5 to determine the level of illumination produced 5 being the brightest.

Technical Specification

  • Image Sensor:                                   1/2.7 inch CMOS
  • Resolution/Pixels:                            2592 (H) × 1944 (V) 5,038,848 MP

LEDs (White Light)

  • Distance:                                             up to 40 m (131.23 ft)
  • Control:                                               Smart (1-5), On or Off
  • Brightness:                                         1-5                                         
  • LEDs Number of LEDs                      2

Lens  Type                                                     3.6mm fixed-focal

FoV, (Field of View):                                     78 degrees (+/- 3)           

DORI, (Detect, Observe, Recognise, Identify)

            • (D)etect                 80Mts
            • (O)bserve              32Mts
            • (R)ecognise           16Mts
            • (I)dentify                8Mts

Video Frame Rate        

  • CVI, AHD & TVI: 20Fps
  • CVBS/960H: 25Fps

Mirror:                      Off/On

Privacy Masking:   Off/On (8 arears/rectangle)


  • CE: (EN55032, EN55024, EN50130-4,EN60950-1)
  • FCC: (CFR 47 FCC Part 15 subpartB, ANSI C63.4-2014)
  • UL: (UL60950-1+CAN/CSA C22.2 No.60950-1)

Operating Temperature:     -40 to +60 C

Protection (IP):                     IP67

Casing:                                   Metal

Dimensions:                          106 x 93.6mm


Q: Are their PIR sensors on the camera to control the LEDS?

A: No, the LEDS are controlled by a dusk to dawn sensor

Q: Why are they not controlled by a PIR sensor?

A: PIRs sensors would indeed detect movement (ie a perpetrator), then activate a signal to any connected device, however vital footage may be lost while the LEDs become active to produce a manageable image.

Q: Are the LEDs on all night?

A: Yes, imagine that your camera is monitoring your car in the driveway, and for some reason somebody runs up your drive to damage it. As the LEDs are already on the best possible image would be captured. (unlike the delay from a PIR activation).

Some examples (Day vs Night)