Movement Activated MP3 Message Player

A great way to automatically play pre-recorded messages to visitors at your business.

It features a built in PIR that when it detects movement of a person it then plays the pre-recorded message stored in it through a small built in speaker. You can change the message stored in the unit with your own personal one to tailor the message to your particular requirements.

The automatic playing of messages is great reminder to visitors of your policies helping them and your staff to stay safe during the Covid outbreak. It’s non-confrontational and never forgets to do its job!

Ideal for…

  • Retail
  • Surgeries
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Salons

With the ability to change the built in MP3 message, it’s really easy to then use the unit to play other general messages as times change, so you could use it to welcome guests and take a seat or suggest items you have on special offer.

Messages already loaded !!… recorded by professional British female voice over artist …

  • “Welcome face coverings are required whilst in this store thank you for helping keep us all safe.”
  • “Please observe the social distancing measures we have in place during your visit.”