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Bergen, Norway

UNESCO World Heritage site

Ajax Systems in cooperation with Elotec, a Norwegian distributor of security systems and manufacturer of wired fire alarms, won a tender from the municipality of Bergen in Norway for the supply of a wireless fire security system.

The project aims to protect the wooden architecture of the city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wireless Ajax detectors will provide an opportunity to protect the city center without disturbing the interior of the buildings.

Bergen has been affected by multiple fires over centuries, but the city is still one of Europe’s largest historical centers with wooden architecture. The city has 12 districts with old wooden buildings located close to each other, and about 11,000 residents.

AJAX Wireless alarm/s

Innovation over fear

Ajax combines the best components, powerful software and reliable security technology. There systems provide thousands of people around the world the peace of mind to go to work, enjoy holidays and get a good night of sleep.

Developed entirely by Ajax

Ajax produce devices completely from scratch. They choose the components, plan the architecture, develop the software and design the product. This allows Ajax to create hardware that is tailor-made for the software.

Professionally rated

Every year, expert judges at international exhibitions, and users around the globe rate Ajax as one of the highest quality and most reliable security systems available.

Industry Grades

The reliability of a security system is determined by its ability to fight off attackers with varying degrees of knowledge and equipment.

There are currently only 4 grades within the alarm/security industry, the higher the grade the more resistant the security system. Manufacturers of modern wireless security systems can only be awarded either grade 1 or grade 2.

Without getting into specific technical details, grades reflect the stability and scope of the security system:

While grades are assigned to individual devices, security systems are evaluated as a unit. The system’s grade is determined by the system device with the lowest grade. If just one security detector is certified as Grade 1, then that entire security system will be rated Grade 1. Even if 100 other security devices in the same system were awarded Grade 3.

So why does a security system need a grade?

A manufacturer needs certification for their devices, It’s the only way a security system can compete on equal footing in the mass market and fight for users. Every professional security solution needs it, and property insurers along with security companies require it.


Certification is a challenge for manufacturers… .. .

The EN 50131 standard lists the requirements for all aspects of a security device. By following these requirements, manufacturers won’t lose sight of two-way communication between system devices, data encryption or physical resistance to nature, vandalism and tampering. It forces manufacturers to seek out and find solutions and pushes them to create a truly reliable product. And while uncertified technology does not have to play by these rules, the flip side is that they can fail at any time.

Might be a cliche, but it’s true: ‘How high can the price be when it comes to safety and security?’

Alarms are generally a bespoke system designed for individual requirements, these examples are intended to give you a ballpark figure.

You can add up to 100 devices on the HUB1 & HUB2. The HUB Plus can connect a maximum of 150 devices, all of which gives you plenty of scope to perfect your preferred alarm system.

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