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Introducing the ColorVu Camera with built-in PIR sensor, Siren & Flashing lights

un-mute for siren

A 2Mp (1080p) turret style camera, (ColorVu) with a built in 2.8mm fixed focal lens, producing approximately 92 degrees. Camera also has a PIR sensor, which when activated can set red and blue lights flashing along with a loud siren.

Main Features:

  • 2Mp (1080p)
  • 2.8mm Fixed lens
  • 24/7 Colour, (with warm light activated)
  • Built in Siren (low, medium, high)
  • Built in PIR sensor (Range: 11 m Angle: 110°)
  • Built in Flashing Blue & Red lights

VIDEO ‘How to change the warm light level’…

More how to videos on our support page, (password required)

Some questions you may have!

Q: How far will it detect?

A: 11 Meters

Q: is it sensitive, pets etc?

A: There are 5 setting, (1 being the least sensitive, 5 being the most)

Q: Is it adaptable to indoors/outdoors?

A: Yes, you can select ‘Indoors’ or ‘Outdoors’ option

Q: I only want a part of the image/screen monitored?

A: This can be achieved by selecting/deselecting arears in the image


Q: How long will it go off for?

A: This can also be set to 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds

Q: Is it Loud?

A: There are 3 setting for this, (Low, Medium & High)

Q: Is it monitoring/triggered all the time?

A: No, this can be scheduled to suit your needs, example would be 20:00Hrs to 07:00Hrs next day

Q: Are the settings, (PIR & Siren) easy to change?

A: Yes, you access these via the PTZ menu, this will be demonstrated at installation.

Q: I want the lights to flash only during the evening, without the siren. But during the night I want both the Lights and Siren is this possible?

A: Yes, the cameras action (Lights, Siren & Notifications) can be individually scheduled to suit your needs

Q: Can I silence the camera, (Do not disturb)?

A: Yes, this can be done through your app (Turn on/off, also enable the schedule)

Q: Is it easy to set the warm light level, as its too bright

A: This is easly done via the PTZ menu check out the video


Please note: these cameras are currently only available in white and 2MP (1080p) only