4MP 25X Starlight IR Network PTZ Camera 


The PTZ AI network camera adopts advanced CNN deep learning algorithms to support Perimeter Protection with high accuracy. This camera possess wide monitor range, PFA algorithm that can always present a clear, focused image while zooming. The camera has very excellent low light performance due to adopting the latest starlight technology.

The camera is equipped with smooth control, high quality image and good protection, which make it can meet most of the requirements of video surveillance applications.


  • Starlight Technology
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Perimeter Protection
  • PFA Technology
  • SMD Plus



‘Auto tracking’ person & vehicle, (click to play) IVS lines, (blue & green) indicate zones can be turned off when set.

‘Programmed tour’ day & night’, (click to play) note some parts of the image has been masked due to privacy.

‘220Mts Zoom’, including image at night at end (click to play)