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The difference between an NVR and DVR can be confusing to many… .. .

A network video recorder (NVR) records IP cameras that are transmitted via a local network, in essence NVRs record IP cameras. Digital video recorders (DVRs) are synonymous with recording analog or coax-based cameras.

What to look out for when deciding on your recorder, (DVR or NVR)?

Inputs/Channels, Compression, (codex), Resolution, (Viewing & Recording), Frame rate. Max Storage, Etc, etc.

Play video… .. .

What do we mean by ‘Entry-level’ recorders?

All our entry-level D/NVR’s (Digital or Network Video Recorders) are designed for small to medium sized applications, with HD-quality (evidence-grade) footage which can be recorded for ‘Playback’ & ‘Backup’ purposes.

Entry-level systems are suitable for a range of small-scale applications, including:

  • Domestic CCTV monitoring
  • Small public venue CCTV monitoring
  • Small/mid-size business unit surveillance

Entry-level recorders are ideal for domestic or small/medium business, recorders that do not require all the ‘whistles and bells’ which are built into more expensive recorders, (which your unlikely to use). These functions would include: ‘Advance AI functions (analytics)’, ‘Alarm in/outputs’, Etc.

However, all our entry-level recorders do have some built-in analytics functions such as: ‘Motion detection’, ‘Line crossing’ (AKA Tripwire) & ‘Intrusion detection’ see recorders individually specifications for further details.

All our entry-level recorders are capable of HD recordings, from 1080p (2Mp), 5Mp & 4K (8Mp) ideal for evidence preservation for Law enforcement. Again, see recorders individually specifications for details.

Frame rate, aka FPS, (Frames per Second)

What does frame rate mean?
Frame rate refers to the number of individual frames that make up one second of recorded video. So, how many frames per second (FPS) do you need for your CCTV camera to capture the best footage possible?

Why does frame rate matter?
The greater the FPS, the smoother the video recording will be. For example, if your frame rate was 1 FPS and you were trying to capture footage of an individual running, you will only be able to capture one frame containing the individual as he/she would have cleared the field of vision (FOV) between frames.