People ask me why I don’t install Hik-Vision?

I know there are some installers/customer out there that swear by this brand, and will defend it to the hilt, all I would say is if your happy, then all’s well.

I have been installing CCTV for some 25+ years, long before HIK-Vison was born (2001). Ever since its birth, the brand has been vigorously promoting itself (mainly sponsored by the Chinese government, who partially own it) nothing wrong with that.

However as with many products, (advertised online) there will always be the ‘FAKE’ / ‘Counterfeit’ products, and sadly HIK-Vision is one of these brands that is targeted.

When you see unbelievable prices such as cameras at £20, recorders from £50 you really must ask yourself: What am I getting for that price?

Like I say some people are happy installing/using this brand, but in my experience and knowledge within the industry, I will not be supplying/installing this brand in the near future.

I am not being disrespectful or attacking this brand, its just not for me, and not recommended to my customers.

However, like all brands I will keep an eye on them. Test then now and again to see if we can start supplying/recommending.

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