SMD, (Smart Motion Detection)

SMD is an abbreviation which stands for, ‘Smart’, ‘Motion’, ‘Detection’

Surveillance systems that send false motion activated alarms triggered by extreme weather conditions, leaves rustling in the wind and animals moving throughout the scene are not only annoying but are also counterproductive. Dahua’s Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is an ideal solution for low populated areas where you want an alert for people or vehicles anywhere in the scene.

Advanced algorithms are used to differentiate and send an alarm when human and vehicular shapes are detected. False alerts are filtered for up to 95% accuracy, saving customers the hassle of unwanted alarms.

This professional 5MP (HD+) system at just £360.00 is an ideal starter package if you’re looking to protect/monitor what’s yours.

The system includes:

1 x 4 channel DVR, (Digital Video Recorder) with ‘Smart Motion Detection’, (SMD). Along with a FREE 1Tb HDD, (Hard Disk Drive) used for storage worth £104.00, which should store at least 3-4 weeks of recordings.

This recorder can also be linked to the AJAX alarm panel, so you can view them via the Ajax app.

1 x Turret style camera white or grey, (to help blend into its environment). The camera also has a built-in microphone, so you can also record/hear what’s being said. A 2.8mm fixed lens which will give 92 degrees viewing angle. Along with an Infra-red light, giving an impressive 50 meters night vision range.

Extra cameras can be added on the day of installation at half price, (just £80.00 each).

1 x Professional installation and setup for remote viewing, along with a detailed demonstration on how to use the system. To receive notifications, or view images on your mobile device you will need a router with internet access.