Digital Video Recorder with built in SMD, (Smart Motion Detection)

This series of AI products and solutions adopt independent AI chips and deep learning algorithms. It focuses on humans and vehicles with high accuracy, enabling users to act fast on defined targets. The technology in these recorders provides intelligent, simple and inclusive products and solutions

Available in: 2, 5 or 8MP (4K)

System Overview:

This recorder features full-channel SMD Plus (except for 32-channel devices) to benefit customers from AI upgrade. The recorders are designated to reduce false-alarm rates and human surveillance costs, thus bringing great value to customers in search of products with accurate human/vehicle alarm to raise the security level of various indoor and outdoor facilities

SMD Plus, referred to as Smart Motion Detection Plus, is an upgrading version of SMD that greatly improves the alarm accuracy by loading deep-learning algorithms. It analyses person and vehicle shapes based on motion detection and send alarms only when person and vehicle intrusion is detected.

4, 8 ,16 & 32 Channels

App required is DMSS by

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