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Smart WIFi video door bell

This Smart Video Doorbell has 1080P HD video and live streaming, complete with SD card and IR night vision for coverage around the clock. It features a 166° wide angle lens and built-in 2-way audio to enable the user to conveniently communicate with visitors and works with up to 5 users per device. The use of the free iOS and Android supported app, (Smart Life) allows for alerts to be sent to your mobile device when motion is detected, streaming an image to your device to alert you of any activity.

It is supplied complete with a USB charging cable and a plugin chime – additional plugin chimes can be added and are available in the related products.

Supplied with

  • Re-chargeable batteries
  • Indoor door-chime, (worth £15.00)
  • 64Gb micro card, (worth £12.99)
  • USB charging lead
  • Screwdriver


  • Angle Of Vision166°
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 1080P HD Video
  • Free iOS and Android App ‘Smart life’2 way audio built in
  • Battery powered

Rival: £138.97 (Amazon), £114.95, (ebay) £115.50 (AKLSLtd), £103.13, (Smart Choice Security)

May not include Door-Chime and or Micro SD card and not installed


  • Mount video doorbell to door frame or external wall
  • Connect the device to wifi network.
  • If relevant, configure the device to give you real time alerts when you have visitors.
  • Test product and demonstrate product functionality.
  • Does not include any wiring of the product or removal of existing wired products.
  • Customer must ensure wifi strength is good near site of device and have wifi password available.

DOOR CHIME, (Internal)

  • 5 levels of volume control, (max volume of 110 decibels)
  • 55 Ringtones
  • LED indicator
  • 300m, (1000ft) wireless working range in open area.
  • No batteries

Extra Chime/s just £15.00 each (when purchased with doorbell)