Licence Plate Detection & Recognition

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

The power of ANPR cameras is often misunderstood by many, leading to inflated beliefs about their capabilities. While it is true that these cameras have the potential to perform a range of impressive functions such as tracking vehicles across the country, checking for valid TAX, insurance, MOT, and identifying stolen vehicles, it is important to understand the limitations imposed by the software controlling these cameras.

LPD&R (Licence Plate Detection & Recognition)

Licence Plate Detection & Recognition, (LPD&R) software can accurately extract license plate information without the need for external data sources. This self-sufficient approach not only offers convenience but also ensures privacy and data security for users. Consequently, in many cases, LPD&R software can successfully fulfil its purpose without the requirement of connecting to any external agencies.



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ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR is capable of performing a range of impressive functions in a variety of different scenarios, some of these include:

  • Check vehicles for valid MOT’s
  • Detect uninsured and untaxed vehicles
  • Locate stolen vehicles
  • Monitor and regulate traffic flow on motorways and busy urban areas
  • Ticket minor traffic offences
  • Enforce bus lanes
  • Manage car parks
  • Conduct average speed checks

In order for these remarkable features to work, specialist software, advanced hardware and external connection to third-party agencies are required, with this sort of technology and access it would be possible to cross-reference a vehicle’s registration number with the DVLA database to get live information about a passing car in camera view.

By establishing links with local and national authority databases, ANPR cameras become an invaluable tool in enhancing road safety, detecting vehicle-related offenses, and combatting crime providing law enforcement agencies with critical information to identify and address potential issues promptly. This technological synergy empowers our society to protect both its citizens and their possessions effectively.

Despite the remarkable potential of ANPR cameras, it is imperative to recognise that they are not standalone devices capable of instantaneously gathering all this information. The vast amount of data and constant updates required necessitate a reliable connection to the DVLA and other relevant agencies. Without this connectivity, the abilities of ANPR cameras are significantly hindered, limiting their effectiveness in upholding vehicle regulations, and ensuring public safety.

LPD&R (Licence Plate Detection & Recognition)

In a vast number of scenarios, ANPR does not necessitate any connection to third-party agencies. Our LPD&R system is designed to operate independently and use advanced image processing techniques to capture and interpret licence plate data seamlessly. This self-sufficient approach not only offers convenience but also ensures privacy and data security for its users.

Images blurred for data protection

Are LPD&R or ANPR Cameras Legal?

These specalist cameras are fully within the legal framework for businesses to utilise, as long as owners comply with the regulations set by the data protection act.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that any data collected by your cameras is properly used and stored in accordance with the rules set out by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

By demonstrating a strong commitment to adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently harness the benefits of ANPR cameras while safeguarding the privacy and rights of individuals.

See the ICO page here

Do I need an internet connection?

No, our systems do not require an external internet connection they operate on their own internal network. However, if you want to monitor your system while away, such as viewing live footage, playing back recordings or receiving notifications, internet access would be required.

We can offer 4/5G routers that can provide internet access to your site and system through a sim card. Please note that using this option would require a data subscription from your mobile supplier.

What can the LPD&R System Do?

Our LPD&R system goes above and beyond in its capabilities. Not only does it detect and capture licence plates, but also generated high-quality 4K videos which provide law enforcement agencies with the necessary evidence to take action swiftly. 

Additionally, the system allows you to easily search recorded footage using either full or partial plate numbers. It efficiently stores licence plate data in white and black lists, and allows for instant email notifications to be sent directly to you.

With the LPD&R system in place, you can be confident that you have the tools needed to enhance law enforcement efforts effectively.

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Farm, or rural CCTV with AI… .. . Protecting plant machinery, outbuildings, crops, livestock etc.

System Options, but not limited to

AI, (Artificial Intelligence) includes, but not limited to

  • Smart Motion Detection Plus
  • Line Crossing
  • Intrusion Zone
  • Face detection & recognition
  • Licence plate detection & recognition

With the incredible advancements in technology, it is now possible to have top-of-the-line 4K CCTV systems with built in AI installed in every single area of your premises and buildings. What’s even more astounding is that these installations require nothing more than access to electricity. No need for complicated wiring or infrastructure upgrades.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having complete surveillance coverage throughout your entire property. Whether it’s an office building, a warehouse, or any other type of facility, you can rest assured knowing that every corner is being monitored and secured.

But the capabilities of these cutting-edge systems don’t stop there. Our latest technology allows for buildings to be up to 5 kilometres apart, all connected via WiFi Bridges (line of sight required). This means that even if your premises are spread out over a large area, you can still have seamless and continuous CCTV coverage across all locations.

No longer will you have to worry about blind spots or security vulnerabilities in your various properties. With our state-of-the-art installations, you can effectively deter and detect any potential threats, ensuring the safety and security of your assets, employees, and visitors.

Investing in this level of comprehensive surveillance is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay one step ahead of any potential risks. Take advantage of the latest technology available and bring complete peace of mind to your premises and buildings.