Terms & Conditions

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This agreement should be read carefully as it contains the ‘terms and conditions’, which will form a contract between W. Hodgins T/A ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’ and our customers.

This section is easily available from any page on our website, advertise on all our quotes, and not restricted if any form. Should you not agree with any of these terms, please do not use our services.


Legal name is     “W. Hodgins T/a Sutterton Surveillance Systems”

AKA                       ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’ or ‘SSSCCTV’

Located at            168, Marsh Road, Sutterton, BOSTON, Lincolnshire. PE20 2LT


Sutterton Surveillance Systems provides surveillance systems only, not to be confused with security systems, we recommend that any surveillance system should only be used as part of a security system, and hopefully to aid in the deterrent of illegal activities.

Any advice given by ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’, shall be just advice, final decision including location of cameras/views will be made by the customer. ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems shall not be held liable to any illegal activities including but not exhausted to theft and damage the client may suffer during or after any surveillance installation.

We reserve the right to cancel, refuse or cease any installation if we believe our products are to be used, or aid any illegal activities


    • All quotes are valid for 30 days from date marked
    • Quotes may be withdrawn anytime, without notice
    • Images are only illustrations, and are not to be interpreted as the actual products
“Planning Permission”
In some cases planning permission will need to be obtained, ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’, is unable to offer any advice concerning local planning agreements/permissions. You are advised to contact your local council offices in the first instance.



We have been enjoying relationships with small businesses, and large blue chip companies for over 20 years, a part of our success is our honesty and transparency when it comes to payment terms.

One of the many things that attracts new and old customers is our prices, which we believe everybody from the small bakery in Boston to a large blue chip company in Huddersfield should share. Sutterton surveillance systems believes that CCTV should be affordable for everybody, including households.

In order for us to maintain affordable prices we have to operate strict payment terms, usually payment is made on the day of installation, or on larger projects a commitment, (deposit) will be required. We don’t hold credit accounts with our suppliers, as this allows them to dictate prices to us. We pay up front for all our products/supplies, enabling us to negotiate better prices for our customers.

Failure to conform to our payment terms creates a knock-on effect, and results in other customers suffering. This may even affect the prices, service or products you may require from us in the future, so if you feel that your business model can’t operate within our terms it is best all round for you to try another supplier.

This may seem harsh, but we need to protect our future, and our customers new and old.

“Payment Terms”

      • Full/Final payment must be made on completion of installation, (definition below) or within agreed terms.

‘Completion of installation’ is when Sutterton Surveillance Systems can do no more to enhance the operation of any products supplied, due to 3rd party services/products provided by the customer, which may influence the operation or limit some features on the products we supply.

Example would be: a malfunctioning internet connection, or a faulty router

Failure to do so will result in:

      • Products shall remain the property of ‘W. Hodgins T/a Sutterton Surveillance Systems’ until full payment has been made, see ‘Ownership of goods’ below.
      • All/any recorded images shall remain the property of Sutterton Surveillance Systems, and cannot be duplicated or used as evidence without written consent.
      • Site Visits/Support, (Telephone or email) will cease, until full payment is made
      • All product/service warranties will be void
      • Any costs accrued to recover products, or monies owed shall be reclaimed in their entirety from the customer.

Sutterton Surveillance Systems will honour all manufacturing warranties (usually 12 months) from purchase/installation date, this includes HDD, (Hard Disk Drive) but excludes any free gifts.

Warranty/s become void if:

Any person other than an authorised person, or agent from ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’

      • Attempts to repair product/s
      • Breaks any seals
      • Re-locates product, without informing ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’
      • Uses un- authorised parts


Customer withholds any outstanding payments, without written consent, see “payment terms”

“Maintenance / Service”

Just like any sensitive electrical device, which depends on firmware to perform. Your CCTV system should be maintained / serviced on a regular basis, to ensure its peak performance.

With this in mind ‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’ offers all our customers a 50% discount on our annual service, which includes a replacement D/NVR PSU, (Power Supply Unit).

However this discount is only available if your products are regularly maintained by ourselves, and on an annual basis, (+ or – 4 weeks of anniversary).

“Service elapsed” should this be the case then the full amount, (100%) charge shall be required, along with the cost of a replacement PSU (Power Supply Unit) for your N/DVR. However annual services thereafter shall again be reduced to 50% with a replacement N/DVR PSU, providing products are being regularly serviced.

“Ownership of goods”

Ownership will only be transferred to you when you have paid in full all funds due to us in respect of the goods.

    • Until payment is made to us you must store the goods in a secure way.
    • The goods including the packaging must be kept in new condition and remain our property until paid for in full.
    • We retain full legal and beneficial title to the goods including any free gift/s and reserve the right at any time to require you to deliver the goods to us and, failing to do so, we retain the right to enter your premises or of any third party where the goods are stored and repossess the goods.
    • Until payment is made the title to the goods shall remain with us, and you shall remain fully accountable.

“Thermal imagery products”

The following terms apply, and in agreement with all other terms & Conditions

  • Thermal imagery products are:
    • Supplied with a 12-month warranty
    • Not covered under any advance replacement warranty
  • Blackbody calibration devices, must be recalibrated by Dahua at least every 12 months
  • The cost of the blackbody recalibration is the responsibility of the customer and any cost associated to this must be covered by the customer
  • Proforma VAT invoice must be paid in full prior to delivery


Thermal imagery cameras are used all over the world and in many industries, whilst thermal imagery cameras are able to accurately detect the temperature of the human body from a distance, it is NOT IN ANY WAY a camera intended to detect COVID-19.

A fever/high temperature is one of a number of symptoms of COVID-19 and, while these cameras may be able to detect such symptoms, it is not conclusive in determining if an individual has or has not got the virus.

“Commitment/Deposit & Refunds”
  • Commitment/Deposit must be cleared funds, before an installation date can be arranged

This period is deemed to be the customer ‘Cooling off’ period

“Sutterton Surveillance Systems does not hard sell, and will not accept an order/sale on the day. All orders are quoted, giving the customer time to seek other quotes before agreeing to our terms, which are sent with every quote.”

  • Commitment/Deposit are fully refunded providing that:

  1) Products have not been ordered, or paid for on behalf of the customer.

      If products have been ordered, or paid for:

            a) Suppliers may charge a re-stocking fee and carriage for their return. If this is the case then the customer shall be responsible for these charges.

            b) Or, suppliers may not offer a return policy, therefor customer will need to pay for such items which will be forwarded to customer, at customer’s expense.

  2) Sutterton Surveillance Systems has encountered no expense.

             If expenses have occurred, customer will be billed accordingly

“Customers own Products/Service”

Sutterton Surveillance Systems shall not be responsible for:

      • Their Performance, Quality or Worth

Or guarantee:

      • Their Function or Value

“Remote viewing”

‘Sutterton Surveillance Systems’ does not guarantee, or is responsible for:

    • Upload/download speed from customer’s ISP, (Internet Service Provider)
    • Customers LAN, (Local Area Network)
    • Manufactures suitability/usability of 3rd party apps or other devices use to remote monitor.


Wayne Hodgins T/A Sutterton Surveillance Systems holds a ‘public liability insurance’ to the value of £1,000,000. The policy operates on an indemnity basis, (not new for old), which may mean that pending investigation the insurer will make deductions for wear, tear & depreciation.

Any other claims for suggested damage caused by Wayne Hodgins T/A Sutterton Surveillance Systems such as, but not limited to: ‘Structural damage’, ‘Electrical damage’ Etc would need to be proved, (by providing professional evidence from a registered tradesperson) that Wayne Hodgins T/A Sutterton Surveillance Systems is solely responsible for said damage.

Note: once a claim is made, we would be unable to discuss the claim with you any further. All communications should be made directly to our insurer.